Parachute Dress

I saw someone on instagram that had made a parachute dress and then did a photoshoot with it on horse back and my mind was blown.  It was one of the prettiest things I had ever seen so I went on the hunt for a parachute dress and I found one for rent.  So I set a date and scheduled 5 photoshoots in 2 days before I had to send the dress back.

I shot Olivia a message to see if she would be interested in doing a shoot and she said yes so before the sun even came up we made our way to the top of the mountain in their pasture.  It was pitch black but as the sun started to creep up over the mountain top it was absolutely beautiful.  Olivia was a rock star because it was only 14 degrees and the ground was frozen.  Luckily under the dress you could layer up and stay warm.  We would stop every little bit so we could all thaw out.

I’m so excited to start to share the sessions from this weekend because they were so much fun!!


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