Nanny’s 92nd Birthday

Its so hard to believe that my grandmother is 92 years young.  This lady has been the foundation of our family and still is to this day.  Growing up we would ride the bus to her house, play in the creek, and break green beans while watching the price is right.  The summer days at her house are times I will never forget.  She taught us about Jesus around her kitchen table and every morning when we got to her house she had a pot of rice waiting and ready for us.

She has raised all of her grandkids and great grandkids after school.  We always love riding the bus to Nanny’s house.  She would take me to horseback riding lessons or basketball practice.  She always had supper ready for us a few nights a week.  We loved spending all the time we could with her.

Nanny still drives to her hair appoint every Friday morning at 10AM (this has been a thing ever since I have been alive) and she never misses a day.  Until a couple of years ago she used to go dancing on Friday and Saturday nights.  She knows how to get down.

So for her birthday we all got together at Simm’s BBQ in Dudley Shoals to celebrate. I love getting to spend time with my dad’s side of the family.

Even at Christmas and Thanksgiving every year Nanny cooks dinner for about 30+ people.  I love getting to eat her chicken and dumplings and sit around and spend time with family.

I feel so lucky that I got blessed with such a loving grandmother.  I hope she can live another 92 years but I know life is short so i try and spend as much time with her as I can.

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