It’s so hard watching your kids grow up so fast. I really feel like I brought Lyza home yesterday from the hospital and now she is riding her own horses and wanting to start going to rodeos.  I just don’t know how it goes so fast.

Here are a few of her 3 year old pictures we did for fun out in the pasture.  We took about 1200 pictures and ended up with maybe like 25 but that’s how it goes with toddlers.

Here are a few of my favorites.

little girl in Aztec print shirt with fringe
little girl in Aztec print shirt looking away
little girl close to the camera smiling
little cowgirl in black and white
little cowgirl walking away
little cowgirl marching through pasture
little cowgirl grabbing her hat
Little cowgirl looking at the camera touching her shirt
little cowgirl touching her face
little cowgirl flipping her hair back
little cowgirl playing with fringe on shirt
little cowgirl grabbing fringe on her shirt smiling

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