Grace Askew

This past fall I took a trip out west to visit some friends in Colorado and Oklahoma.  On the way out I got the chance to meet up with a singer that I have been following for I know over four years, Grace Askew.  I first heard of her when she was on the voice. Her raw and real voice caught my attention in the first round. After hearing her, I immediately went and found her on social media and started following her.

Over that past four years we would chat on and off through instagram and her real authentic journey always had me captivated.  At the beginning of 2018 Grace started a new project where she would write a new song everyday for over a year.  She did this as a way to sharpen her talents as a song writer and to share about her sobriety.  As she was going through her recovery she was so open with everything.  This made me respect her even more for sharing about her journey.

I Don’t Want to Be Famous
One thing that Grace always talks about is how she doesn’t want to be famous.  She wants to create a legacy.

“At 32, I only care to take with me intrinsic, lasting habits, The kind of habits that will slowly help me to build a LEGACY. The kind of values that bring me lasting joy, not fleeting happiness.  The kind of mindset that keeps me at peace and kind to myself and others.”

Her knowledge smacked me right in the face this morning as I was reading this on her instagram.  Since he beginning of the year I have felt this pull to be real and authentic.  To share the good, bad, and ugly and not just have my social media as a highlight real.  We as humans are not perfect by any means and we all of have struggles.

Setting a Legacy
Being in the photography business, a lot of people are striving for that spotlight.  They want to be the best photographer in town, have everyone love them and be the center of attention.  I used to want this until I realized that it didn’t do anything for me.  Instead I want the total opposite now.

I want to build relationships with clients who become great friends. I want to be a better friend to the ones I have.  I want to spend more time with family.  I want to be a great mom and wife.  I want to shoot what brings my heart alive.  I want to be there for other photographers who are just starting out and building their business.  I just want to be me.

We are always striving to reach the “next level” weather it is making more money or getting a promotion.  The problem is once we reach that “next level” then we want to move to the “next level”. If we keep trying to reach the next level and never getting there we are never truly settled.  It takes being happy where you are.  Finding joy in the moment and living life to the fullest where you are is the most important.

Right now this is where I am at.  I’ve been married for almost 6 years to Chris, we live on a beautiful farm and we are expecting our first daughter in just a few months.  This is where I find my joy now.

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