Eli Herman & His Ponies

This is Part 4 of 12 Passion Project posts that i will be sharing for 2018.  This series was started by a statement that I heard from a young person referring to how people that are living their dreams were an overnight success.  It really fueled me to step deep and interview people that are living their dreams and to share the good bad and ugly.  The hard work that goes into following your dreams and that what people see when they start becoming successful doesn’t show all the blood, sweat and tears that was poured into.  I want people to see from this series that it takes a lot to reach your dreams but it is so worth the ups and downs to get there and to never give up!

11 year old Eli has huge dreams.  He started with one mule his dad got in with a herd of cows to now owning over 20 ponies that he drives and works daily.  He is building his dream team of 8 black and white ponies and so far he is up to 4.  Eli performed for the first time with his 4 pony team at the cowboy church and did amazing.

Following Your Dreams

With the support of his family and friends he is always learning and is so interested in teaching his ponies to be the best.  He took me for a ride in his buggy with two of his three year olds that he broke and trained himself.  Eli seamed super confident in everything he was doing and his young team did amazing!

Check out the video above to see a behind the scenes of what Eli does everyday and even take a ride with him and his young team!


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