Our family was on the way out to Montana for vacation, but we really wanted to stop in and see some of family that lives in Iowa.  My dear friend Angela and her family live about an hour from where my mom’s side of the family is from, so I of course, had to swing by and visit them and we were able to squeeze in a photoshoot.

We started the shoot out with her husband and sweet boys.  They are always so entertaining and a blast to hang out with.  We took their family pictures up at the highest point on their farm with a little bit of a mountain view.  We laughed a lot, as the boys were cracking jokes.

The second part of the photoshoot, we did some pictures with Angela and her sweet horse. We did some of her hanging out with her horse and with her guitar. Angela is an amazing musician with one of the best voices I have ever heard.

Next, Angela and I took the side by side, (which was almost out of gas. We had to borrow gas to get back home lol) to her neighbors farm to do some pictures of her in a beautiful white dress with her guitar. There is something about a sunset out west compared here to North Carolina; I can tell you that we got super lucky.

Here are some photoshoots from this amazing farm session in Iowa with the Triplett Family!

western family
cowboy with wife and 2 boys
cowboy with wife in black and white
cowboy dipping wife
western family playing
cowboy with sons
mom with 2 boys
brothers running in field
girl with black horse
girl with horse and guitar looking off to the left
girl with guitar looking at horse
girl in white dress with Aztec print shaw
girl in white dress sitting on fence
girl in white dress sitting on fence in black and white
girl in Aztec print shaw with cows in background
cowgirl in white dress playing guitar at sunset
cowgirl playing guitar

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