I love when Sarah invites us up to her farm in Virginia. It is absolutely beautiful! Reid got to go with us this time, and I think I took about 40 different dresses. We had a blast and took so pretty cool pictures.

Sarah has all kinds of cool props, and she had a Texas long horn skull. It was so cool so we used it in several pictures as well.

This was such a fun photoshoot and here are a few previews!

cowgirl walking away holding leather fringe jacket
cowgirl in fringe jacket leaning on gate
cowgirl in short sleeve pearl snap in black and white
cowgirl in vintage blue dress with gold fringe in a field
model in burnt orange dress with teal booties in stock trailer
model in burnt orange dress leaning against fence petting horse
cowgirl sitting in vintage lawn chair holding long horn skull
cowgirl standing on top of hill holding long horn skull in black and white
cowgirl in burnt orange dress leaning away from long horn skull
model laying in grass holding cowboy hat in black and white
cowgirl holding flower close up
model in black corset with blue skirt in field
model standing in creek in white dress
model in white dress sitting on rock in creek

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