The photographer/model workshops are so much fun.  We brought in 5 models and 5 photographers.  I work with the photographers and Ashlyn worked with the models. It works perfectly together and we had a blast.

The original plan was to do a Classic Cowgirl Photoshoot and start with a covered wagon and horse and buggy and then end the evening with a fire and a lot of cowgirls around it.  Well January decided to be January, and it was windy and freezing cold even though all week it was in the 40s and 50s.  We still made a day of it and I got to meet some amazing people and make a ton of connections with new people.

Here are just a few previews for the workshop!

All Models for the workshop in black and white
2 models in hates and Aztec print pullovers walking
Model wearing black silk dress in front of covered wagon
model wearing orange dress in front of covered wagon
Setzel pulling covered wagon
model in long black dress sitting on covered wagon step in black and white
Model in tan fringe jacket looking left
model in mustard blazer jacket looking right
model with hand on hat looking down in black and white
model in camel color fringe jacket looking left
model in turquoise dress in front of wagon
2 models riding Gus and Dolly
model sitting on Dolly looking left
Model riding Gus patting his neck
model hugging Dolly from the ground
2 models riding Gus and Dolly down dirt road in black and white
Model standing with Dolly on dirt road
All models with Gus and Dolly

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  1. Is this a regularly scheduled event? It would be amazing to shoot horses/models with the expertise provided! I really enjoy your photography and was hoping there was a workshop experience. Are there other workshops? Thank you!!

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