Kilcoyne Family

After meeting the Kilcoyqne Family you will never be the same.  They are full of energy, laughter, and never ending energy.  It was so much fun getting to know them even more.

I first met Michelle (mom) in the Rising Tide Society group. Her and her family have a cool company called The Penny Depot where they make custom stamped pennies for different events.

Farm Session

The Kilcoyne kids were not very hard to keep entertained.  Everyone wanted their pictures made with Cole (percheron/draft cross who appears in a lot of pictures) our resident horse.  Then we took a stroll through the farm and out to the pasture on top of the hill.

I had the kids each do funny faces, silly dances (we even got mom and dad to dance), and play fun games.  This family was amazing and I love doing Farm Sessions on our farm and getting to know each and every one of the family members!


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