When Halle reached out about doing a branding photoshoot with some of her amazing hair clients I was totally excited.  All of the girls came to the house where Halle did all of their hair and makeup.  I don’t know how she does it all!

Some of the girls used a few pieces from the client closet and a lot of the girls also brought a lot of their own pieces and they came up with some really cool outfits!

Here are a few pics from the Hair by Halle photoshoot!

setting up the models
4 western hair models
halle fixing a model's hair
model in blue jean romper
model in blue jean romper with cowboy hat and black boots
blonde model with red bandana on hair
blonde hair model mid hair flip
model in black shirt and jeans
model in black shirt and jeans with black hat
model in brown shirt and blue jean shorts
model with long brown hair tipping hat back
four models sitting on rocks
2 models in western jackets
2 models in the barn in western jackets
halle with black horse
halle in vintage western shit and black shorts

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