Felton Angus Ranch

Felton Angus Ranch is located in Livingston, Montana, surrounded by mountains, and one of the most beautiful ranches I have ever visited.  Susie and her husband raise Angus beef cattle and live on the farm with their two adorable little girls.

Susie is really active in social media, especially on Instagram, because that’s how I met her.  We started following each other, chatting about our favorite state, Montana, and of course cows!  We hit it off right away and have kept in contact ever since.

Felton Angus Beef has a super easy to use website where you can order some of their Montana beef and have it shipped right to your door step.  She ships out once a week and their meat goes all over the country.

Ranch Life

Susie invited me up to visit while I was out and Montana, so I of course had to go.  I knew that it would be beautiful, but when I drove up it was more than I could imagine.  The mountain ranges on both sides, the yellowstone river running through the farm and the fields running in both directions.

Susie gave me a tour of the farm, showed me their different pastures, fields and the sale barn.  Across the road is another place they call Man Camp (its just a hunting cabin that has gotten bigger over the years) and another pasture.  This pasture bumps right up to the Yellowstone River and it was breathtaking.

I spent the afternoon getting to know them, eating Mexican food, and taking lots of pictures.  Enjoy the pictures below and be sure to check out their farm website and order some Montana Grass Fed Beef!



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