I love having mini sessions here on the farm! It’s always one of my favorite afternoons of the year to open the farm up for families to come and have family pictures done.

This year we set up a cute little Christmas background and then we moved around to different spots and even a few of the families wanted to have a few of the horses in their pictures which made it even more fun!

Here are a few previews from the mini sessions! 

mother and daughter
girl with horse in black felt hat
girl with app said yes banner
family with 2 small boys
family walking
western couple with wife in green dress
blond sisters
little cowgirl with big horse
small cowgirl with big horse
3 generations of women
blue eyed baby with red bow
mom and baby at sunset
baby with grandma
baby with horse and mom
family with 3 boys
3 boys on horse back
3 boys on fence post
family of 4 with boy and girl
big sister and little brother
big sister and little brother with horse
couple with 2 dogs
western couple at sunset
woody the Dachshund
family with boy and girl
mom with son and daughter
brother and sister silly hug
blond hair little girl in red dress
blond hair little girl on horse
blond hair little girl walking big horse
blond hair little girl giving horse a kiss

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