The Goat Lady

I would call Brooke the goat lady.  She LOVES her goats and even built them a playground.  When she asked if I could come and take some pictures of them I was all over that.  Who doesn’t love baby goats? I spent a little while just following them around getting to know all of them and watching them play.

Each goat has a name and a special place in her heart.  We were sitting there talking about all of them and she was explaining each of their personalities.  All of the goats are all so social and they would come running over to us as soon as we stop.  They love attention.  I had her lay down on a blanket and we let all of the kids come and play and they literally jump all over her back and it was the cutest thing ever! They basically treated her like a jungle gym.

Brooke even has a goat rocking horse.  She pulled it out and I was cracking up.  All of the goats were running over to it as she was sitting on it.  I hope you guys enjoy all the cuteness below!!


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