This was the final part for the Belk family.  I love getting to know families when they book a two part session.  It’s just always so much fun and getting to know this entire family was a blast.  They are like a modern day Brady Bunch. 

For the last part we got the entire family together for a photoshoot and did a few of their cap and gown pictures as well.  At the very end of the session we went up on the mountain and caught a little bit of the sunset before the rain decided to come.

The Belk family was so sweet and I’m so glad i was able to capture their family! 

Belk Family
Belk Family Boys
Sons with dad up on someones shoulders
Belk family girls
Bull rider in chaps
girl in purple dress
teen boy with curly mullet
teen boy wearing gray shirt
senior girl in cap and gown
Senior boy in cap and gown
senior couple in grad gowns
Senior Brother/Sister and Brother's girlfriend in gowns
Mom and Dad

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