Stormi | Equine Mentor Session | Taylorsville NC

I love being able to work with other photographers, and help them on their journey in the photography world. I love seeing them thrive and learn something when they pick up their camera. 

Stormi reached out about doing a live mentor session. I asked her what kind of session she had in mind so we could get some images for her portfolio. During a live mentor session, I let you decide what kind of vision you have and I will help get models and outfits.  Stormi wanted to do a vintage style so I got Kendall and Sam, who were absolutely fantastic, to be models and we picked out some cool dresses and had a fun afternoon of doing a mentor session.

Here are some of the images from the mentor session. If you are ever interested in a mentor let me know and we can get something set up.  Visit my website and fill out the contact form

2 models in vintage dresses with a horse
blonde model in vintage dress with black horse
model in green dress kissing sorrel horse
2 models with 2 horses in vintage dresses
blonde girl in vintage dress riding black horse
2 models on horseback in vintage dresses
model in green dress sitting side saddle on brown horse
model in green dress loping on brown horse
blonde model in parachute dress on brown horse
model in green parachute dress on brown horse

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