The Spainhour family is one of my favorite families! I grew up with Megan riding horses, and I swear, they have the best kids. Mattie is like a little sister, and one of the coolest teenagers you will ever meet!

They brought their 85 feet long horse trailer, (just kidding it’s a joke, but it really is like 40 feet long) to the farm with all of their horses. We started out in the hay field doing all the family stuff with and without horses. Then we took off out into the big pasture to catch the sunset.¬†

Mattie really wanted to do a parachute dress picture with her horse, so we got everything set up, and got the 35 foot dress laid out so we could take a picture right as the sun was going down.

I had so much fun with the Spainhours! Here are a few pictures from their family session with horses!

family of 4 in black and white
sister with her bay mare
brother with his bay horse
mom and dad walking together
brother and sister with their pony
mom and dad with 4 horses
brother on his bay horse looking right while horse looks left
sister riding sorrel horse away from camera
brother and sister riding their bay horses
sister on sorrel horse in parachute dress at sunset
sister in parachute dress with sorrel horse
family of 4 with 3 horses and a pony

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