Equine Senior Photo Shoot

Deanna was a 2020 senior and her senior year was changed and didn’t go as planned with the pandemic setting in.  I know it has been so hard on a lot of the seniors in high school and college but most of them have made the best of it and adapted to all of the changes. She has loved horses her entire life so it was only fitting to include all of her horses in her photo shoot.  Well we ended up photographing 7 horses.  It was an absolute blast!

Deanna’s mom runs a boarding facility and the location was absolutely gorgeous.  From the old barns to to the wide open fields, there were so many gorgeous locations to shoot at. Even behind the barn was nursery with so many gorgeous trees and flowers.  We had so many horses and locations to choose from so we used as many as we could!

Laze L Farm Photography | Senior 2020 | Equine Photo shoot | Lenoir NC | Deanna standing in front of her horse

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