I was so excited to get Dolly our new horse and I wanted to give her a little bit of time to settle in.  Well it had been a few weeks since we got her and she was ready for her first ride. Rylan came over and helped me with her and we started her slowly and she did awesome.  Then we took her on a little short trail ride and had a blast!

Rylan and Dolly
Rylan petting Dolly
Rylan holding blue dress out with Dolly
Rylan in blue dress with Dolly
Rylan walking away with Dolly in black and white
Rylan in blue dress with Dolly facing left
Rylan riding Dolly with dress draped over Dolly's back
Rylan riding Dolly
Rylan Riding Dolly in black and white
Rylan loping Dolly

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