Reagan | Equine Session | Cleveland NC

Equine Session

Morning Glory Farms is tucked away in Cleveland, NC and was absolutely beautiful.  As I was driving in I started seeing all of these beautiful golden brown fields and my heart got excited. A lot of other people might look at these fields and think they are ugly and overgrown and to me it’s the perfect setting for a photoshoot.

We started with Reagans main barrel horse in one of the fields.  Her mom, Laura, went to the local thrift store and found her dress for less than $10, made some alterations and it fit her perfectly.  As the sun was setting the field just lit up and made the perfect spot for the first part of her photoshoot. The next horse Reagan wanted to do a shoot with was a project horse that she had been working with and training herself.  She changed out of her dress and put on her cowgirl clothes.

On the farm, her mom also raises Border Collies.  They have some of the sweetest that run around the farm that love to come up for a good pet.  Reagan also has her own German Shepherd that she has been working with and wanted to do some pictures with them.

We had so much fun and their farm is absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy some of the pictures from her Equine Session



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