I have always wanted to take a horse to the beach and do a photoshoot! Frankie was the perfect model because he is always down for whatever. And on top of that he is absolutely gorgeous!

My really good friends Minda and Kayla (who is a photographer too) packed up and headed towards Carolina Beach. We got down to the beach early enough to catch a little bit of the sunset. It was really foggy so it got dark fast. But the next morning we got up and tried to get there as early as we could to catch the sunrise.  

I brought way to many dresses and outfits but we had a blast shooting all day till it was time to head home. Sometimes some of the best trips are only like 24 hours with good friends. We had a blast and I can’t wait to do it again!

Here are a fun few pictures from the two days of shooting at the beach!

girl in black dress with shire horse
girl in blue dress with shire horse
girl in black dress riding shire horse at sunset on beach
girl riding shire horse in black and white
girl in black dress on beach at sunset with horse
girl in blue dress with horse at sunset on the beach
shire horse with flowers in mane with girl in white
shire horse with girl in white dress on the beach
girl in white dress with shire horse by dune grass
girl in beige dress on beach
girl standing on rocks in black and white
cowgirl on the beach in black and white
cowgirl on the beach
girl in beige dress walking to the ocean
cowgirl in teal dress walking away from ocean
girl in burgundy dress loving shire horse
girl walking with shire horse towards the ocean
cowgirl in floral dress walking shire horse
girl in blakc dress riding shire horse at the pier
Frankie close up

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