When Josclyn reached out about a session she was getting ready to sale her sweet mare, Willow.  She had owned her for several years and she was heading off to her new home.  Josclyn was also getting ready to move to Texas as well.

Josclyn is one of the most amazing people and when clients turn friends I am so thankful! We spent several hours around the farm, even though she booked a one hour photoshoot, we were just having so much fun! We literally chased the sunset till the last minute.

It was so much fun getting to meet Josclyn.  We got to hang out one time before she took off to Texas and then when we were out in Texas last year we were able to hang out in Ft Worth one night and it was so much fun. 

Here are a few fun previews from her session with Willow! 

cowgirl walking with her mare
cowgirl kissing her mare on the nose
cowgirl with her mare willow
cowgirl looking right with her horse looking left
girl sitting by a tree with her mare
girl sitting in front of mare's leg
girl riding mare away from camera
girl in black dress walking with mare
girl in black dress sitting on horse hugging her neck
girl with her horse view from under the horse's head

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