Hannah is an amazing musician from the mountains of North Carolina. I had this crazy cool idea of combining a musician with horses. Which luckily, she loves horses as well so it worked out perfectly!

My vision was a cowgirl sitting out in a field with her guitar like no one was around her and she was just jamming.  Hannah was down for all of my crazy ideas and I was so excited to see them come to life.  She also had some super cool ideas, and some of those turned out to be some of my favorites!

girl playing guitar against a tree

black and white girl playing guitar with hat

girl playing guitar with turquoise hat

girl playing guitar with a horse in a field

girl with horse and guitar

girl laughing with guitar and horse

girl playing guitar standing with horse

black and white girl leading horse while carrying guitar

girl walking with horse and guitar

girl sitting on horse playing guitar

girl sitting on horse with hat playing guitar

black and white girl leaning on horse playing guitar

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