Gabby came all the way from out of state for a photoshoot.  I was so honored that she traveled so far just to work with me.  She was so much fun to work with and was down for so many fun ideas. 

We used old faithful Gus and he was more than perfect for Gabby.  She used to ride horses a few years ago and hadn’t gotten the chance to ride for awhile and I had her lope Gus up the hill and when she stopped she had the biggest smile on her face. This is why I do photography.  It’s finding that special moment that horses bring to us and make us forget everything and make us smile.  That’s when I click the shutter.

This session was so special and I was so glad to get to meet Gabby.  Here are a few pictures from her session. 

girl in brown tank top laughing looking right
girl in western print kimono walking with horse away from the camera
girl in brown boots loving horse
girl in western kimono riding horse bareback
girl loving horse from on his back
cowgirl in black hat and pink dress
cowgirl in pink dress holding hat looking left
cowgirl in pink dress looking left with horse
cowgirl in black dress on horseback
girl in black dress loping through field on horseback
girl in black dress walking with horse at sunset
cowgirl in black dress standing with horse
cowgirl in black dress kicking leg out in black and white

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