It was a fun day to get to hang out with Gabbie, Michaela and Brad.  Gabbie and her husband have a beautiful farm down in Lincolnton and we got to shoot all over their farm.

We started out in the barn doing some lifestyle shots and then we went out to a huge field, even though it was overcast we still had a blast getting some fun shots.  We ended the shoot at sunset with some gorgeous dresses out of the client closet.

Here are a few highlights from their western lifestyle session!

cowboy tacking up his horse
2 cowgirls and a cowboy with their horses in the barn aisle
cowboy and cowgirl husband and wife with their horses
cowgirl with her mare in the barn aisle
2 cowgirls and a cowboy riding away in black and white
2 cowgirl best friends holding hands on horse back
cowboy riding away
cowboy and cowgirl holding hands riding away in black and white
2 cowgirls and a cowboy riding towards camera
cowboy and wife dipping in front of their horses
cowgirl in black dress with her mare
cowgirl in turquoise dress on horse back
cowgirl in black dress riding away

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