We got our first snow of the year and Rylan was in town and I was like do you want to do a photoshoot in the snow and she was like of course.  So she came over and we picked out a few fun outfits and did a few photoshoots till it was so cold we couldn’t feel our hands.

Shooting in the snow is completely different and snow much fun! 

Here are a few fun previews from Rylan’s snow session!

redhead cowgirl getting horse ready
cowgirl getting horse ready in black and white
redhead cowgirl checking girth
redhead cowgirl getting on horse
cowgirl riding in the snow
redhead cowgirl riding in the snow
red head cowgirl riding away
redhead cowgirl in Pendleton wool jacket
redhead cowgirl trotting in the snow
cowgirl loving on horse in the snow
redhead in orange/tan Pendleton print jacket
redhead girl on horseback in a blanket
redhead in black dress cantering away
redhead with horse wrapped in a blanket

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