Equine Session

Emily was so excited about her equine session.  She has some gorgeous horses and beautiful farm and I couldn’t wait to get to her place and start shooting.  They have a barn on their property that is over 100 years old that her grandparents have restored.  They now use it for small weddings, cookouts and other fun events.  It’s that old kind of barn that is build into the side of a hill, the stalls are in the bottom and the hayloft is up top.  You can walk into the hayloft from the road above and it takes you back to another time.

We started with the first two horses to that are her main barrel horses and then hopped over to the three sorrels.  Then we took a chance and tried all 5 horses at one time and we had success and all of the horses were amazing! I got to meet Emily’s grandmother and she was so sweet.  We stood and chatted for awhile and she was telling me all kinds of stories about the old barn and old house from when she was a little kid.

Emily’s equine session was a lot of fun and we laughed so much!


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