I got the chance to take pictures with Danielle in the rental dress that I rented from Utah Dress Rentals. It was absolutely beautiful and I was excited to take pictures of it on a horse.  Chexie is always the best at modeling and will literally do anything we ask him to do.

Just Cummings got to come and hang out also.  He is a photographer in the Winston Salem area and he is always a lot of fun to get to take pictures with! I love working with other photographers.

Chexie is the cutest little blue roan and one of my favorites and Danielle was amazing as usual! 

Here are a few previews from her session.

model wearing tan and white dress facing away
model wearing tan and white dress in a field
Model with blue roan horse with other photographer in the background
model riding blue roan in white and tan dress
model sitting on horse looking over left shoulder
model riding horse away from camera with dress down back of horse
model sitting on horse
model standing with horse
model standing with horse looking left
model petting horse holding dress

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