It is always fun getting to do a photoshoot with Danielle and Chexie.  I had a lot of new pieces in the client closet that I needed to get some pictures of and Danielle was down to model. 

We had an overcast day so it was perfect to get some moody western fashion pictures.  We decided to keep with a turquoise theme this time and did two of my favorite dresses in my client closet.  The first one was more fitted and the second one was a really flowy dress!

Here are a few previews from Danielle’s session!

Danielle and Chexie walking away from camera
Danielle walking with Chex
Danielle standing in blue dress with Chex
Danielle petting Chex in black and white
Danielle riding chex toward camera
Danielle riding Chex away from camera in black and white
Danielle riding Chex looking left
Danielle standing with Chex in turquoise dress
Danielle standing with Chex looking left
Danielle loving Chex

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