Heather from 555 Photography and I took a trip to the beach to do an equine beach photoshoot with Danielle and her sweet horses. We got up at the but crack of dawn to catch the sunrise, and it was totally worth it.  

We started with a few dresses and Danielle was amazing. The last part was my favorite because we got to do some really cool photos of her galloping up the beach.

We had an absolute blast.

But recently last week Danielle had to lay to rest her sweet mare, Sassy.
She was so sweet and such a trooper during the photoshoot and she will definitely be missed!

cowgirl in black dress on beach with older mare
cowgirl in black dress walking on beach with older mare
cowgirl in black dress on the beach with horse in black and white
Cowgirl with both horses on the beach
cowgirl in blue dress with horse walking from the ocean
cowgirl riding one horse and ponying other down the bach
cowgirl riding away and looking back
cowgirl galloping down the beach
cowgirl petting horse while riding toward camera
cowgirl standing with horse on the beach

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