Carson | Equine Photo Shoot | Taylorsville NC

Equine Photo Shoot

Carson is such a sweet soul and she has loved horses her entire life.  Watching her grow up around horses and mules has been a ton of fun.  When we got the chance to get together for a photo shoot I was so excited.  Her family has a beautiful farm in Alexander County where they have a few chicken houses and several cows.  Carson has been a farm girl since she was old enough to walk.

Her sweet appaloosa was a champ during the photo shoot.  We even got to bring in her sweet corgy for a few pictures.  Anytime we can include animals in the photo shoot it makes it that much more fun.

Carson just graduated with her degree from WCU and has started her masters degree but with covid she was forced to come home early and finish out her year from home.  All of this has been so hard on the kids especially the ones in their senior year or finishing up a degree.

After we got finished with the animals we pulled out her jeep for a few fun sunset shots.


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