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Barrel Racing Bride

There was a picture that went viral on Facebook a few months back of a bride that was wearing her wedding dress and barrel racing.  I got to do one with another bride and her paint horse and we had a lot of fun! Sarah wanted to switch it up a little bit and do one roping.  I was totally down for the idea.  We started with a few breakaway calves and then moved onto some team roping.  She roped with her husband, Cody, at first and then with her dad at the end.  On one of the last calves with her dad, she dallied and got her dress stuck when the steer pulled away and it burned her dress.  At least she was able to get some fun pictures with her dress doing what she loves.

Sunset Pictures

After we got done with the roping and barrel racing pictures, Sarah wanted to grab a few more pictures with her husband on the hill above their house.  So we ran up there at sunset and caught it just in time.  We were so lucky to end up with a gorgeous sunset with all kinds of colors.

I’m thankful for friends who love to try out of the box ideas for a fun shoot.  It keeps the creativity rolling and gives them some special pictures to look back on!


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