AQHA Amateur Heading World Champion | MJ Razor Wire | Taylorsville, NC

AQHA Amateur Heading World Champion

MJ Razor Wire was the AQHA Amateur Heading World Champion in 2018.  This was a title that Rodney had been working for, for many years.  It has been a lot of long nights, traveling, and riding on days where you don’t feel like saddling up. It has been good days and bad days, and some days you feel like giving up, but Rodney kept digging and last year all of his dreams came true.

MJ Razor Wire is a special horse.  This team has a special relationship that is built from spending so much time together.  They trust each other and know what the next move is going to be.

Below you will see how talented this team has been over the last few years and how long it has taken him to achieve this goal! It was such an honor to get so spend the afternoon with them, see his quirky personality, and photograph such a talented horse!


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