I love getting to work with Amy! She is so much fun.  The day of her session it started raining on the way down there but we made it work.  We started on the edge of the barn and did some black backgrounds and other fun shots.  

After we finished up there the sky opened up and it quit raining enough so we could go outside and do some fun shoots!  

Here are a fun few previews from her session!

Amy loping red roan in black dress
Amy in black dress on red roan with husband standing with her
Amy in black dress with red roan and palomino
Amy sitting on red roan with legs crossed over one side
Amy sitting with red roan
Amy on red roan horse in black and white
Amy standing in barn aisle in white blazer and black hat with jeans
Amy kneeling beside Palomino horse
Amy with Palomino horse standing in barn aisle
Amy with Palomino horse in barn aisle looking left

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