Abby was heading off to Kentucky for a barrel race she was chosen to enter with her two amazing thoroughbreds.  It was a big deal to be chosen, and it was such a cool honor to spend the afternoon with her sweet boys.

These two thoroughbreds definitely are full of personality.  There wasn’t a moment where they didn’t want scratches or kisses, or they were trying to nibble on something. They were def awesome models.

Here are a few pictures from their photoshoot!

cowgirl with her 2 horses
bay thoroughbred
dark bay thoroughbred
cowgirl tacking up horse
cowgirl bridling in black and white
cowgirl loving her horse
cowgirl riding from behind
cowgirl riding looking back laughing
cowgirl loping on bay
cowgirl loping on dark bay
cowgirl with her horses at sunset
bay and dark bay thoroughbred black background

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