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A Mentor Session

We all have to learn.  We can all get better.  When you stop learning you need to find a new passion. I thrive on learning and getting better.  Chris of CDPhotog is one of my favorite photographers in the western industry. If you have never seen his work, make sure you do because his ranch work is out of this world.  He draws you in and makes you feel like you are sitting right there with him while he is shooting.  He tells a story with his lens.

I had the opportunity to have a mentor session with him where I submitted 10 of my images and he critiqued them live.  He stepped through, gave advice and told me the good bad and ugly.  It hurts to have someone critique your work, but it is the only way that you will ever learn and get better.  He suggested that I set up another shoot with Abby and practice some of the stuff we went over.  The catch was I was not allowed to edit any of the images and I had to submit them to him so he could see what a session looked like behind the scenes.  If you are not a photographer its kind of like a stranger seeing you in your underwear is the best way I can describe it.  It’s hard for someone to see the unfinished work.

I took his advice and set up several more shoots over the next few weeks and really dug into what he talked about.  I watched my backgrounds. used light to illuminate the subject and look at new angles by just moving my feet.  It was one of the best photo critiques I have ever had.  If you are a photographer find someone that you look up to and trust and have them step through a few of your images.  It will give you an outside perspective and ways to improve your craft.  Don’t be scared to learn!


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