Horses & Wedding Dresses

When Sarah contacted me about setting up her bridal session I and she said she wanted her horses in them my mind started turning thinking of fun ideas.  She has so many beautiful ones to choose from that we just used all of them.

Sarah used Scooter, her 29 year old Quarter Horse, to do a few on his back.  He never even batted an eye lash at her dress and basically just posed for the camera.

Rocky Face Mountain Top

After we did a few shots with the horses we headed up above her house to one of the most beautiful views around.  It looks right over to the top of Rocky Face Mountain and the sky was beyond gorgeous.  All I could think about was the sound of music lol.

Sarah was absolutely gorgeous in her dress and her wonderful mom and soon to be mother in law tagged along to help us out and her dad handled all the horses for us! Sarah has an amazing family and I can not wait till their wedding day!!

Hair: Angie Jarrett

Engagement Pictures:

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  1. Tasha says:

    So beautiful!!!!

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