I got to shoot Abby and Cole’s wedding almost two years ago, which seems crazy! But, I was so excited when they came back to do a couples session at the venue they got married at.  

It was hot, but it was the perfect weather for a late summer/fall couples session.  The venue is super cute, and it has a gorgeous field behind the ceremony site. The sun hit perfectly between the trees!

Here is a preview of their session!

husband and wife sitting on church pew
husband and wife leaned against a porch railing
husband and wife kissing at porch rail in black and white
cowboy and wife standing in a field facing the same way
husband kissing wife on her head
husband and wife holding hands laughing
husband and wife standing in field looking at each other
husband and wife sitting on logs embracing
husband and wife standing away from camera in black and white
husband and wife at their venue 2 years later

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