Laze L Farm Photography | 5 things to do after you get engaged | ring shot of bride and groom


1.BREATHE – you just got engaged and you are so excited! But don’t forget to breathe and enjoy the moment.

2.¬†DON’T start planning your wedding right away.

3. Sit down with your fiancé and WRITE down what both of your dreams are for the wedding.

4. Create a PINTEREST board from these ideas.

5. MEET with some couples around your age that have been married and are getting ready to get married and get some ideas and advice from them.

Once you have taken the time to de these steps, you have an idea of what each other want from your special day, you have put together some ideas on Pinterest, and talked to other couples that are already married and gotten some advice it is time to start the planning process. This will give you more information going into the planning process and make it so much easier!

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