Hi Y'all! I'm Sarah! I'm from a small town in Western North Carolina where we have plenty of dirt roads and no one ever gets in a hurry.  My love for horses runs way back to before I could even walk.

I don't drink coffee, but I love sweet tea. I love meeting new people. If a brick wall could talk, we would have a great conversation. I got my first pony, Bubbles, when I was two and took my first riding lesson at the age of five.

I live on a third generation cattle farm with my husband, Chris, and our daughter Lyza who is a year old! We have three horses, 2 dogs, and a lot of cows!

Your horse is your best friend and your escape from the world, I get it because mine is the same thing. That is why I am here to tell the story of you and your horse(s) (we all know we gotta have more than one)!

kind words


For anyone who is looking for a photography mentor, Sarah is your go too! Every time I get a chance to to learn from her I’m in absolute awe. She truly is a phenomenal mentor and photographer. Most people have trouble teaching others what they know or trying to get their point across in a way that people can fully comprehend, Sarah makes sure she breaks down every detail for you so you fully understand each concept that she’s trying to teach you. I have left sessions with her feeling so revived in my new skills of photography. There’s a lot to learn with this art, and someone who is willing to take their time and share the experience and knowledge they have is a true gift, and Sarah is nothing short of it. From lighting to angles, positions, poses, backgrounds, She is an absolute genius with a camera. Sarah is so encouraging when you’re with her, she gives you that little nudge to step outside of your boundaries or comfort zone to learn new things. I can promise if you chose to do a mentor session you won’t regret it. You will leave with a heart full of satisfaction and confidence.

- Ashley

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- Emily & David
Annapolis, Maryland

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- Alana & Roscoe
Annapolis, Maryland

the workshop

Modern day cowgirl photography workshop

This workshop is designed for the photographer that loves all things horses and western fashion.

Do you draw a blank when you get to a photo shoot and you are sitting their scratching your head trying to remember all of the poses you looked at on Pinterest.

Do you struggle with having a portfolio that will attract your ideal client?

After the workshop you will leave with so much new knowledge and:

+ A transformation in your business

+ Confidence in your posing for an entire session

+ An amazing portfolio to attract your ideal client

Modern Day Cowgirl Photography Workshop

Taylorsville, nc
Saturday August 13, 2022

what's included

* Morning shoot where we will shoot all the action of the Modern Day Cowgirl 
(roping, barrels, reigning...)
*Go over posing and styling a shoot
*Lunch break (included)
*1 0n 1 time with me to talk about your business
*You get to style your own model and shoot with my help
*Afternoon western fashion styled shoot
*Western Couple Photoshoot
*Supper (included)
*An epic sunset shoot with a parachute dress

Price: $500

If you are interested in this amazing opportunity please feel the form out at the bottom of this page to sign up! 
** You must have a working knowledge of your camera (DSLR or Mirrorless)

Thank you so much for your interest in the retreat. Please feel free to reach out at any time if you have any questions.

thank you!